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The British Army Shooting Team – Target Rifle is based at Bisley, Surrey. This is the home of Fullbore shooting within the UK. Fullbore target rifle is shot with civilian rifles with iron sights at up to 1000 yards. The team is made up of individuals from both Regular and Reserves representing all ranks and cap badges. Members compete at the highest levels of International, National, and Inter-Service teams.

As well as those experienced shooters the team is actively recruiting new members. All equipment required can be provided and potential members will complete the Target Rifle Introductory Course where they will receive expert coaching and training from experienced shooters.

Target shooting is one of the few sports where both males and females compete at the same level. This creates a completely open field where anyone, from any background, can have the same opportunities for success.

Places on courses can be booked through the ARA Chief Clerk.

Individual Shooting

The majority of competitions are shot individually. Each shooter is responsible, not only for firing the perfect shot, also for adjusting their own sights in order to compensate for wind. At distances of up to 1000 yards the wind can make a huge difference to the fall of the shot. This requires a great deal of skill and practice in order to master.

The Target Rifle Introductory Course will teach the basics of firing a rifle from a sling and ensures that individuals are certified as safe. The Intermediate Course introduces adjusting sights for wind. This enables shooters to compete individually in shoulder to shoulder matches.

The main individual competition in the UK is the NRA Imperial Meeting shot at Bisley every July. This Meeting sees shooters from all over the world competing for trophies including the Queens Prize, the civilian version of the Army 100.

The highest level of competition for Fullbore Target Rifle is the Commonwealth Games where pairs compete both individually and as Coach and Firer against other nations.


Team Shooting

Matches are shot in teams. In the team environment the roles are split in order to achieve the highest scores possible. This means that there is a dedicated wind coach who will adjust a firer’s sights for them. The firer can therefore concentrate on firing the perfect shot. Matches are usually shot as teams of eight or twelve plus coaches.

The Army Target Rifle Team are represented at UK Armed Forces, National, and International level of competition. The highest level of team is the Palma Team. This is the World Championship Long Range Team who compete every four years. The Army is also regularly represented at this level.

The Army Target Rifle Team also regularly tour to South Africa and the Channel Islands to compete against National level teams.